How to Select the Perfect Holiday Gift

Posted by Virginia Tomic on Nov 15th 2020

How to Select the Perfect Holiday Gift

Many clients tell me they have no idea what gift to choose for their customer, friend or family member. They feel pressured to find the perfect gift, but have no any idea of how to get started. When I customize gifts, I start by asking some key questions such as: 

  • What does the person like to do or hobbies? 
  • What do they talk about? 
  • Do they have any food allergies or anything they don't like? 
  • What is their favorite color? 
  • Do they have a favorite saying? 
  • How is their house decorated?

It is about listening and picking up clues about what interests the other person. Yes- it is about them. It is surprising to me how many people select what they like or would like to receive. If you focus on an attitude of gratitude, you can't go wrong! is the thought that counts right?

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